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Welcome to Antler Crazed Fool.


The following will assist with securing that antlered critter from my site.




Please note, specimen's are assumed wild unless stated other-wise. All breed specimens

will be noted as BREED with the condition code or description. The highest rating a perfect

breed specimen can attain is A1. Only very exceptional wild specimen's achieve A1+++.



A1+++:   A very rare example/condition for certain wild species only

(examples being perfect Indian Acanthophorus serraticornis with intact mandibles or Allotopus moseri mollenkampi with high quality gold equal to a breed specimen). Perfect breed specimens can only attain A1.


A1, Breed: The beetle is in perfect condition, no minor scratches or rub marks.


A1, Wild: The beetle is in very good condition for a wild specimen.

Very minor scratch marks may sometimes be present with wild specimens,

for this is expected with a wild caught. Expect any marks not to impact

the general appearance of the specimen.


A1/A-, Wild or breed: Very minor rub or scuff marks. Scratch marks.

Partial dislodgement of head where specimen is in other-wise

good condition. Very minor symmetrical wear to mandibles.

Mild crease marks to elytra, not detracting from over-all appearance.

Minor parting of elytra due to drying.


A- : Separation of head where easily repairable. Asymmetrical wear to mandibles. Pronounced parting of elytra due to drying.

Scuff-marks/rub-marks impacting appearance. Minor damage to tarsie.

Minor tears, rents and major crease marks with elytra.

Slight deformities with elytra.

Small puncture holes in elytra that do not overly impact specimen's appearance.


A2 : Separation of head and pronotum. Missing pieces from legs or antenae.

Major damage to mandibles. Deformities or major tears to elytra detracting from specimen's appearance.

Major rub-marks that dramatically detract from the specimen's appearance.





Please note, I reserve the right to grade all specimen's I sell according to my own assessment.





At times certain specimens will be offered as taxidermy (condition code or description). This phrase indicates a specimen has already been mounted (usually sourced from my own collection, with exceptions). It is strongly advised NOT to attempt re-hydration/relaxation with such specimens due to the strong likely-hood of the specimen failing to re-set adequately. Expect loss of legs if this is attempted with certain genera (cyclommatus/macrodontia/anthracocentrus). The risk is thoroughly on the customer if this is attempted, with no recourse!




Certain photos will be described as 'Actual Specimen'. This indicates the specimen in the photo is the specimen you will receive. Photos that read 'Sample Photo' indicate no real difference in appearance with specimens of the same size. The specimen received in this case may not be the specimen in the photo, but will be a specimen of the indicated size.

Please note, camera flash will sometimes exaggerate metallic colours with certain specimens.

Camera angles employed with photography may also distort specimens to a degree.




Payment for specimen purchase/shipping made in American Dollars with a minimum order being $100 US excluding shipping.




1. On completing your 'shopping-cart' selection of specimens you will then need to check-out.


2. The check-out selection redirects the customer to PayPal's secure site.


3. No PayPal account is necessary.


4. From PayPal's secure site, payment details are provided OR you can simply log in to an existing PayPal account to finalise payment.


5. Shipping costs are calculated by weight, customer country of origin and method of postage (standard airmail or tracking).


6. Shipping is calculated at current Australian Post shipping costs, amounts converted to US $. Please refer to the Shipping component of this site for postage details.


7. Please note, payment must be made within 10 days of ordering to prevent order cancellation.

If a payment problem is encountered, please Contact ACF to prevent order cancellation.


May you secure that critter you've been after for some time now,


Brothers of the Craft