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Wild, 80mm antaeus miyashitai, A1/A-, Taxidermy, No.AM12

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Condition: A1/A- due to equal wear of mandibles (natural mandible abrasion, older wild stag)

Photo: Actual specimen

Location: Chiang Mai region, Northern Thailand

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Here's a big boy from the Chiang Mai area, out of my personal collection. This wild 80mm antaeus miyashitai has the worn mandibles (older stags experience mandible abrasion from chewing at a tree's sap-wood) and scratch marks of an old stag. Rarely offered at this size (most go to Japan) and purchased in person in Chiang Mai, a nice addition for those interested in the wild material.

Note: Being a post-taxidermy specimen, I strongly (can't emphasize this enough) recommend not relaxing this specimen. The specimen is well set at present, but repeated relaxations often result in a weak mid-section with head/pronotum component dropping or falling downwards once set.

A very big specimen with equally worn mandibles (I dislike asymmetry), will complement the SE Asian Lucanid colletion.

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