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  1. 87mm Macrodontia castroi, taxidermied

    Wild 87mm Macrodontia castroi, A-/A2

    Condition: Wild, A1/A-, Taxidermied

    Repaired, head glued to pronotum.

    Photo is actual specimen

    Location: Honduras, lacking actual specific locality or collection data.

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  2. 84mm Macrodontia castroi

    Wild 84mm Macrodontia castroi, A1

    Condition: A1

    Photo actual specimen

    Location: Cortez/Cosuco, Honduras

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  3. 91mm Macrodontia castroi

    Wild 91mm Macrodontia castroi, A1/A-

    Condition: A1/A-

    Photo actual specimen

    Location: Honduras, full data.

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  4. Macrodontia castroi

    Wild 91mm Macrodontia castroi, wild, A1/A-,

    Condition: Wild, A1/A-, due to slight chip with small inner tooth

    Photo: Sample

    Location: Honduras

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